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Build a Norwegian cathedral and palace!
Sitting side-by-side in Norway’s city of Troidheim is the Nidaro Cathedral and the Archbishop's Palace. Travel back in time and use your match-3 skills to build these huge, historic Norwegian structures!




Click Play to open Level 1-1. Match three runes of a kind to clear all blocks from the board. Each match sends blocks tumbling to your workers!


Play 7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven free online!



Match four of a kind for an Ice Ball. Match five for a Fire Ball. Swap the Ice Ball horizontally or the Fire Ball vertically to clear entire rows!


Play 7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven free online!



Clearing all blocks unlocks the Key Stone. Match runes to move this stone to the Key Hole. Drop Key Stone in Key Hole to keep building!


Play 7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven free online!






Tips and Strategies








·          Click Menu to pause in-game play. Click Resume to return to play. Click Options to adjust audio and in-game tips. Click Help for gameplay Help files.






·          Make matches as fast as you can! Doing so generates more building blocks which adds more workers your building site.






·          If it takes you’re too slow, you’re supply of blocks slows and your workers strike. Keep it up and they might vacate the site!






·          Make four- and five-of-a-kind matches to get Ice and Fire Balls. Use these to vertically and horizontally clear entire rows!






·          You must clear all the blocks from the Level 1-1 board to activate the Shuffle and Rotation Arrow buttons at the top of the board.






·          Click Shuffle when you can no longer make any matches. Reload takes one minute.






·          The Key Stone appears when all blocks are cleared. Move the Key Stone to the Key Hole by making matches underneath.






·          Only move the Key Stone along the shaded path surrounded by borders.






·          Whenever the Key Stone faces a turn on its path, click the right Rotation Arrow to rotate the board 90 degrees clockwise, or click the left Rotation Arrow to rotate it counterclockwise.






·          When moving the Key Stone to the Key Hole, try to create Ice and Fire Balls. They’re especially helpful at getting the Key Stone closer to the Key Hole.