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  7 Wonders: Treasures of Seven Tips and Strategies




·          Click Menu to pause in-game play. Click Resume to return to play. Click Options to adjust audio and in-game tips. Click Help for gameplay Help files.




·          Make matches as fast as you can! Doing so generates more building blocks which adds more workers your building site.




·          If it takes you’re too slow, you’re supply of blocks slows and your workers strike. Keep it up and they might vacate the site!




·          Make four- and five-of-a-kind matches to get Ice and Fire Balls. Use these to vertically and horizontally clear entire rows!




·          You must clear all the blocks from the Level 1-1 board to activate the Shuffle and Rotation Arrow buttons at the top of the board.




·          Click Shuffle when you can no longer make any matches. Reload takes one minute.




·          The Key Stone appears when all blocks are cleared. Move the Key Stone to the Key Hole by making matches underneath.




·          Only move the Key Stone along the shaded path surrounded by borders.




·          Whenever the Key Stone faces a turn on its path, click the right Rotation Arrow to rotate the board 90 degrees clockwise, or click the left Rotation Arrow to rotate it counterclockwise.




·          When moving the Key Stone to the Key Hole, try to create Ice and Fire Balls. They’re especially helpful at getting the Key Stone closer to the Key Hole.