5 Roll game





  5 Roll Tips and Strategies




·          The urge will be to work from left to right on your scorecard. Fight that urge. When you roll successfully, you will want that score to go in the Triple column (on the right), and your poorer rounds (say, three-of-a-kind, but with ones or twos) should go in the Single one (on the left), where they don't hurt your score as much.




·          When saving your dice out, take color into account, but only when you're in a position to get all five in the same color, and even then don't worry about it all that much. Putting non-zero scores on your card is MUCH more important than getting the Multiplier Die.




·          When you see the opportunity to score a straight, do it. Straights are harder to salvage as decent scores in other categories when they go bad, so the sooner you can get them out of the way, the better. ESPECIALLY jump on this when you roll 2-3-4-5 on four of your five dice with your first roll, as the chances are better of getting the 1 or the 6 you need to fill the Large Straight.




·          You are allowed three Chance scores (the sum of all five dice, no matter what they are) per game. Use these wisely, as they amount to free turns. The average total of five dice is 17.5, so use that to decide what column to score a Chance in when you do it...if it's much higher than that, score it in the Triple column; if much lower, score it in the Single.




·          In the grand scheme of things, the Ones row isn't all that important to your bottom line; at most, you can score 30 points across the three boxes. If you have a bad round and don't want to waste a Double or Triple Chance on it, consider taking a zero in a Ones box instead.