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52 Card Pickup

Now pick them up!
No joke – this game is fun! Get ready to lose hours playing a great solitaire game that takes only two minutes to play – as you try to clear the table by picking up cards in sequential order!






You can start with any card – but once you start, each subsequent card you pick up has to be either one point higher, lower, or have the same value.


52 Card Pickup





Move fast! There’s only two minutes on the clock. You’ll get a warning tone when there’s 20 seconds left – and when the clock runs out…that’s it!


52 Card Pickup





At the end of the game, you’ve either cleared the board or you haven’t. But even if you haven’t won, you can check the lower right hand corner to see if you’ve beaten your best score!


52 Card Pickup




  Tips and Strategies





·          Before you make your first move, check to see which card gives you the most immediate options.




·          While you can select a card of the same value, this can be a risky move that may close off future avenues – so use this option selectively.




·          Aces are high and low – so you can go “around the corner” and follow a king-ace-deuce sequence, or a deuce-ace-king sequence.




·          Occasionally, there will be cards visible for which you cannot see the value. Only click on these cards as a last resort. Each wrong card that you click on removes 25 points from your score.




·          Remember, this is a game where speed counts! If you take too long making a decision, there’s no way that you’ll have time to clear the board!