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  4 Elements II Overview







Restore magic to the kingdom!
Set the four fairies of earth, air, fire, and water free to restore power to the Book of Magic and return the kingdom to safety! Cast your puzzle solving gaze upon this exciting game that fuses the fun of finding hidden objects with the challenging strategies of matching three sparkling objects across a complex map.




1. Click and drag your cursor over three or more stones in a row, either vertically or horizontally, or a combination of both. The area underneath the stones will open, allowing the purple mist to proceed to the end of the map.





2. Open a path through the map to let the mist through. String together four or more stones and the last stone will explode, destroying stones and blocks next to it.





3. Use special devices, like the Spade, to clear special obstacles on the map. Each device is powered by a particular color of stone. Match enough stones of that color to fully power the device for each use.




  Tips and Strategies



·          When you create a chain of five or more pieces, it results in an explosion at its end. The blast removes pieces and clears tiles.



·          The longer the chain of pieces is, the more powerful the explosion at its end will be.



·          You can knock stones off the game field by an explosion from a long chain.




·          Use the Spade power-up in narrow areas when it is hard to make a chain of three or more pieces.



·          The image next to the power-up shows which pieces you need to match to charge it.



·          The Spade power-up cannot be used on frozen pieces.



·          The ice can be broken, not only by using the frozen piece in a chain with matching ones, but also with an explosion from a long chain.