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  4 Elements Overview









4 Elements - Free Online!


The Elemental Books are all mixed up!

As if scrambled pages weren’t bad enough, now the pictures have escaped, and the magic is leaking out.  Restore the books, and you’ll restore the elemental balance of nature... but there are plenty of tricky puzzles along the way.  Can you conquer all these challenges, and bring magic back to the world?






Complete match-3 levels to uncover the missing pieces of each picture, then play a bonus puzzle to reassemble them. Once a book’s pictures are all restored, the magic can return!


4 Elements - Free Online!





On match-3 levels, you must guide green magic energy towards an arcane symbol. Click and drag to remove a chain of three or more identical gems, and clear a path for the energy.


4 Elements - Free Online!





Chain together at least five gems to create an explosion at the end of the chain. More gems = bigger boom! On scrolling levels, click the Map button to plan your route before you start.


4 Elements - Free Online!




  4 Elements Tips and Strategies





·          When you create a chain of five or more pieces, it results in an explosion at its end. The blast removes pieces and clears tiles.




·          The longer the chain of pieces is, the more powerful the explosion at its end will be.




·          You can knock stones off the game field by an explosion from a long chain.




·          The Flaming Arrows can be activated not only by the flowing energy of the Element, but also by other arrows hitting them.




·          The Flaming Arrows remove everything in their way, including frozen pieces, stones, and even stone slabs.




·          Use the Spade power-up in narrow areas when it is hard to make a chain of three or more pieces.




·          The image next to the power-up shows which pieces you need to match to charge it.




·          The Spade power-up cannot be used on frozen pieces.




·          The ice can be broken, not only by using the frozen piece in a chain with matching ones, but also with an explosion from a long chain.