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  4 Elements Tips and Strategies




·          When you create a chain of five or more pieces, it results in an explosion at its end. The blast removes pieces and clears tiles.




·          The longer the chain of pieces is, the more powerful the explosion at its end will be.




·          You can knock stones off the game field by an explosion from a long chain.




·          The Flaming Arrows can be activated not only by the flowing energy of the Element, but also by other arrows hitting them.




·          The Flaming Arrows remove everything in their way, including frozen pieces, stones, and even stone slabs.




·          Use the Spade power-up in narrow areas when it is hard to make a chain of three or more pieces.




·          The image next to the power-up shows which pieces you need to match to charge it.




·          The Spade power-up cannot be used on frozen pieces.




·          The ice can be broken, not only by using the frozen piece in a chain with matching ones, but also with an explosion from a long chain.